Acceptance of requests

1. Clients’ requests and statements must be considered on a mandatory basis. It is not allowed to refuse to accept clients' requests and statements.

2. The Company accepts requests and statements in oral, written, and electronic forms, in the Kyrgyz or Russian languages. The maximum term for consideration of a client’ request or statement is 30 calendar days.

3. Requests and statements received anonymously require consideration and analysis, but do not require a response.

4. The client may apply to the Company:

  • by making a personal visit to a branch or the Head Office (HO) of the Company;
  • by mail – by sending a request or statement to the postal address of a branch and/or the Head Office;
  • through the official website of the Company, section “Questions and Suggestions”;
  • by making a record in the book of complaints and suggestions;
  • by leaving a complaint or suggestion in the box for complaints and suggestions after filling out special questionnaires and/or in a free written form;
  • by calling the telephone number indicated on the board of each branch of the Company and posted on the Company's website.